One of VDC's more recent acquisitions, Wintron Technologies, was founded in 1948 as Penn-Tran and has a 50-year history of designing high quality custom electronic components. Wintron supplies a variety of markets varying from aircraft and appliance to industrial, medical and military. Wintron's products can be found in monitors and terminals, office equipment, test & measurement tools.

Within their product line, Wintron designs and markets magnetic deflection yokes and coils, flyback transformers high voltage power supplies and transformer multipliers. This industry experience has allowed Wintron to offer a variety of manufacturing processes for coil winding (saddle, toroid, stator, bobbin, wrap around and snap & wrap) as well as vacuum impregnation, encapsulation and bonding capabilities.

Quality manufacturing is insured by tight adherence to various industry and military specifications such as MIL 45208A, 200, 200 A, and ANSI J standards as well as UL approval working on ISO9001 certification. All electromechanical assembly conform to ISO standards and are tested and inspected to meet required specifications. Additionally, all production equipment undergoes routine calibration and environmental testing.

Wintron's commitment to rapid prototyping, timely delivery, competitive pricing and customer service means it will be a welcome addition to the VDC family.



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