Teltron Technologies Inc. brings superb quality and unique engineering to itís wide range of high performance imaging devices and high resolution CRTs for medical, x-ray, infrared, military, and aerospace markets worldwide. Teltron Technologies, Inc. is a MIL-I 45208A qualified supplier to the federal government as well as a prime contractor to the federal government.

The highly active Research and Development program of Teltron Technologies, Inc. constantly strives to develop advanced products to meet the challenges of todayís market for itís customers. Teltron has patents on over twenty imaging and display designs. The addition of Teltron puts VDC on the leading edge of technology research and design for complex display systems.

Leading the industry, Teltron Technologies, Inc. continues to maintain itself as a major supplier of new and remanufactured high performance imaging devices and high resolution display CRTs for all markets.



2 Riga Lane, Baltic Mews

Corporate Center

Birdsboro, PA. 19508

Phone# 610-582-9450

FAX# 610-582-0851

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