Originally founded in 1971 as Actron and later merged with Kloss Video in 1989, Novatron is now the leading supplier of projection CRT's to the replacement projection TV market. Novatron's fully automated 26,000 sq. ft. plant is currently manufacturing red, green and blue PRT's that range in size from 5" to 12" diagonal. All components used in the manufacturing of these products are UL approved. With almost 30 years of design and manufacturing experience Novatron is uniquely suited to perform remanufacturing on PRT's where new glass may no longer be available.

Novatron boasts a wide and respected database of current customers that include NEC Consumer Electronics, Hitachi, Zenith, Toshiba, Hughes Avicom and Novabeam. In further attempts to serve the customer, Novatron offers custom manufacturing and a complete package of accessories. For those who require additional assistance Novatron can help in both the removal and installation processes.


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