Infodex, which has been absorbed by Lexel Imaging in Lexington KY, is a strategic business partner of Video Display Corporation. Infodex designs, manufactures, and markets high performance image display systems for a variety of military, medical, and commercial markets. These systems feature high resolution, rugged construction, and accurate imagery.

     Under a licensing agreement, Infodex produces and markets the GMA series of large screen monochrome high definition display systems used in medical applications such as x-ray presentation. These display systems offer the advantage of remote viewing and digital storage. Other applications for this display system include satellite imagery and document analysis where accuracy and fine detail are paramount.

     Infodex also produces two ruggedized, high brightness display monitors for the US Marine Corps LAV-AD amphibious vehicle. These Infodex monitors enable the crew to operate effectively in the harshest conditions.

     Infodex provides complete service and overhaul on all of its products including their line of commercial Automated Teller Machine (ATM) monitors. Through dedicated employees and sharp focus on design requirements, Infodex strives to provide its customers with high quality products that meet and exceed their expectations.



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