Video Display Corporation is an international company that was founded in 1975 to provide replacement cathode ray tubes (CRT's) to the color and black & white television markets. Initially VDC operated its sales and production services out of a single facility in Stone Mountain, GA. With the growth of the computer industry in 1983, VDC expanded to meet the forthcoming needs of replacement tubes for the data display market. This expansion included the acquisition of production equipment and manufacturing facilities from smaller CRT remanufacturers. The combination of these plants and distribution centers in Louisiana, Pennsylvania; Georgia, Texas; New York in the U.S. and The United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Monterrey, Mexico created an international CRT manufacturer that could serve a broad variety of display needs. The further additions of electron gun manufacturers and electronic component distribution companies created a strong vertical integration within the company. Ultimately this combination of experience and innovation established VDC as the premier worldwide replacement CRT supplier.

During the mid-1990's VDC began to add diversified technology companies to its expanding list of subsidiaries. The additions of Aydin Displays, Teltron Technologies, Infodex,Lexel,IST, Precision Glass and MII have given the company a strong toehold in the leading edge military and medical displays markets while exploring the limits of their respective technologies.

Today, VDC is a $90 M+ company comprised of 17 different divisions. The product offering ranges from reliable low cost replacement tubes for data displays, direct view and projection televisions to custom medical imaging systems and high tech military combat displays. VDC is the sole supplier to the U.S. replacement market for television tubes and continues to lead the industry in its recycling efforts. Since its inception the company has recycled more than ten million CRT's keeping 150,000 tons of hazardous waste glass out of landfills.

The future of VDC is very promising. Our experience in design and manufacturing Cathode Ray Tubes insures support of the current market while our research and design divisions are keeping an eye to the future of all display technologies.


Video Display Corporation

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